We are moving...

Thursday, October 18, 2007 0 comments
I'm sort of reorganizing and reformatting lots of stuff basically because i finally managed to finish with my courses at the University. This means i have more time to do what I want and when i want :)

So some of the upcoming changes:
  • This blog is moving to blog.nikosd.com (or something like that - not ready yet)
  • My personal site is moving to nikosd.com (not yet moved!)
  • Translate it (at least) in English
  • Update it
  • Start a new site/blog focused on programming and to be more precise, web programming including:
    • Web Design (CSS, HTML and some Photoshop/Illustrator/Dreamweaver)
    • Usability
    • Client-side scripting (a.k.a. Javascript and maybe some ActionScript)
    • Server-side scripting (mostly Ruby On Rails and PHP)
    Cool name included and if anyone is interested in joining let me know (I will also post a separate post about this - more to come soon)

Netbeans is simply *SMART*

Monday, May 21, 2007 4 comments
Take a look at this screenshot:

When i saw it, i reported this as a bug at NetBeans issuezilla . Well the reply really struck me dumb :
"This is supposed to be a cool feature - the IDE is showing you that these variables are unused. This is
similar to the Java support where unused import and variables are also shown in gray."

Oh yes, NetBeans was the best choice for writing Java code, now it's turning to be the best programming IDE available in general!

Languages support:
  • Java (including all the goodies from J2EE)
  • C/C++
  • UML
  • XML, CSS, Javascript & rest web technologies
  • Ruby / Ruby On Rails
  • plus more i don't know, or supported by plugins
plus: Versioning support (CVS, Subversion, etc...)

Check out yourself all the v5.5 features or the upcoming v6 features . Thank you community!!!