Netbeans is simply *SMART*

Monday, May 21, 2007
Take a look at this screenshot:

When i saw it, i reported this as a bug at NetBeans issuezilla . Well the reply really struck me dumb :
"This is supposed to be a cool feature - the IDE is showing you that these variables are unused. This is
similar to the Java support where unused import and variables are also shown in gray."

Oh yes, NetBeans was the best choice for writing Java code, now it's turning to be the best programming IDE available in general!

Languages support:
  • Java (including all the goodies from J2EE)
  • C/C++
  • UML
  • XML, CSS, Javascript & rest web technologies
  • Ruby / Ruby On Rails
  • plus more i don't know, or supported by plugins
plus: Versioning support (CVS, Subversion, etc...)

Check out yourself all the v5.5 features or the upcoming v6 features . Thank you community!!!


  • Not to rain on your parade or anything, but Intellij has had this feature since at least 2002. It falls, for me, into the category of desperately missed and anxiously awaited functionality that I left behind when I switched to free IDEs.

    That said, this feature is extremely useful.

  • Anon,

    Not to rain on YOUR parade, but did you happen to notice this was Ruby with NB, not Java? Does IDEA really do that for Ruby since 2002? If so, I'm impressed.

  • Unknown

    hey hey there's no need to argue :)

    I haven't use many IDE's but I started using it when i was learning Java (and generally OOP) in my University and I was really pleased with it. But then i stopped using it for a while and now re-installed it basically due to the upcoming Ruby & Rails support.

    There was three reasons for writing this post:

    -So new users to netbeans (even a single one that sees my post :D) won't think the same think i thought: "hey, why do these variables declarations show up as comments??? - This must be a bug"

    -Because i was really excited with this feature (since this also works for imports and stuff)

    -And mainly because the feedback at NetBeans IssueZilla really did a veeeery good impression to me!

    I din't say there aren't any other good IDE's nor there aren't any other "smart" IDE's. Just that until now, Netbeans is the best for me :).
    It's packed with lots (and lots) of features, it supports lots of programming languages, it supports extensions, it has a great community (at least from my small experience) and it's changing everyday!

    P.S.: I think i'll be presenting some of the NetBeans features every time something draws my attention... I think it's a good thing to do - after all this will benefit programmers that are new to NetBeans (as myself), and also it may "push" other IDE's to add cool features or to promote them ;)

    -My 2 cents,

  • So... something good did come up from your OOP course :D

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