We are moving...

Thursday, October 18, 2007
I'm sort of reorganizing and reformatting lots of stuff basically because i finally managed to finish with my courses at the University. This means i have more time to do what I want and when i want :)

So some of the upcoming changes:
  • This blog is moving to blog.nikosd.com (or something like that - not ready yet)
  • My personal site is moving to nikosd.com (not yet moved!)
  • Translate it (at least) in English
  • Update it
  • Start a new site/blog focused on programming and to be more precise, web programming including:
    • Web Design (CSS, HTML and some Photoshop/Illustrator/Dreamweaver)
    • Usability
    • Client-side scripting (a.k.a. Javascript and maybe some ActionScript)
    • Server-side scripting (mostly Ruby On Rails and PHP)
    Cool name included and if anyone is interested in joining let me know (I will also post a separate post about this - more to come soon)


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