Migrating to Ruby 1.9 (YARV): Posts you have to read!

Monday, April 21, 2008

So, you are reading everywhere that Ruby 1.9 is faster than 1.8 (even I say so! :D ) and you want to give it a try or even port your existing code to it. Where should you start from? Here's a collection of links to posts, pages, discussions, etc with useful information.

First of all, here is a video talk from Matz for Google Tech Talks:

Also, some presentations:

  1. Matz on Ruby 1.9 from his Rubyconf 2007 talk.
  2. Migrating to Ruby 1.9, by Bruce Williams from his Scotland on Rails and Austin on Rails talks.
  3. Wild & Weird Ideas: An overview of Ruby 1.9, by Hlame from his LRUG presentation.

Blog posts covering multiple differencies between the two versions of Ruby:

Upcoming or recently published books that cover Ruby 1.9:

And after you've finished reading all the above and want an almost complete listing of changes (!!!) you can find it on this post from eigenclass. Have fun :)

Bonus section:

And now, you also want some info on how to get Ruby 1.9 side-by-side with the good-old 1.8? Ok, here are some links for you too:



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