Ruby & Rails Jobs (in Europe, USA, and worldwide)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008
I'm somewhat in the search for a job so I was surfing around the net trying to find some Ruby/Rails jobs listings preferably in Europe and these are the sites I found most useful (in not particular order):

General job-seeking sites with plenty (or some) Ruby/Rails postings:
Ruby/Rails specific:

+Bonus link:

Feel free to add more links!


  • ruby50

    Ruby50 is a ruby on rails recruiter run by rails developers. ;-)

  • Pedro Santos

    You can also find Ruby/Rails jobs positions at It's a jobs board specialized in European startups.

  • Nikos Dimitrakopoulos

    I added it Pedro, thanks for pointing out :)

  • reena

    We offer Free recruiter jobs in India Free Classifieds We have various vacancies for our leading clients

  • How about - great little IT job board!

  • Life Is Like Ore
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