Beautiful Bar Charts With Ruby and Gruff (Easy and Simple)

Friday, October 10, 2008
I wanted to plot some simple bar charts recently and I fell on Gruff once again. Since the examples there didn't have any info about bar charts it took me some time (ok - five with ten minutes :D) to find out that you can use them just like line charts but here are some examples anyway:

A very simple bar chart:

Ok, let's see something more advanced now:

And now a bar chart with most of the options changed:

For even more options you can check Gruff::Base documentation or the whole Gruff API.

Have fun :)


  • sale

    Great post, tnx a lot :) Gruff is amazing!

  • vitsin

    hi, is it possible to write actual value above each bar graph?
    is it possible to draw only one x-axis and only one y-axis?

  • I wouldn't use 'beautiful' to describe these charts... functional, simple yes but not visually rich.

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