This week, Athens is on fire!

Sunday, October 11, 2009
Even though I know that by the end of the next week (Oct 12 - 19) I'll be almost dead after not resting at all, I'm pretty exited by the prospects of it! Here's the list of the events taking place in the heart of Athens:
more details now:

Athens Digital Week 2009

An annual event organized by the city of Athens in it's second year of existence. This year, alongside some giant names in Open Source (Mozilla labs, Android, Fedora, Gentoo, Debian, Wikipedia Greece, OpenSolaris, OpenERP, et al) our local ruby community will have a chance to present the language and the frameworks to a wider audience of "techies", programmers or not :)

We will be there on Thursday from 16:00 to 18:00 with this topic list so far:
  • From PHP to Ruby On Rails [ Jim Myhreberg ]
  • A blink into the Rails magic [ me ]
  • Ruby on Rails and Web on Python [ Jon Romero ]
join us there for a coffee / beer and follow the discussion (in greek) on the ruby-hellug mailing list!

OpenCoffee Athens (XXVI)

Right after the presentations at the DigitalWeek we are off to Benaki Museum for the 26th Athenian OpenCoffee meeting for three talks from successful tech start-ups in Greece.

Ruby Meetup #2

Almost a year after the successful "Athens On Rails" gathering (see the videos here), our second meetup (finally!) will take place on the upcoming friday at the Technical University of Piraeus with the following topics:
  • Deploying Rails applications on the appengine using JRuby [ PanosJee) ]
  • Alternative ruby web frameworks (Ramaze/Sinatra/...) [ vtypal ]
  • ╬ťetaprogramming with Ruby [Jon Romero ]
  • How-to make a Rails plugin [ Jim Myhreberg ]
  • Open Discussion & QA
see the official announcement and the discussion on the mailing list (also both in Greek)

see you on any (or all) of these events!

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