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Sunday, October 11, 2009
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After putting my finger on many jars this week, here's a short status update on some forked projects (which hopefully will be merged back into the original repos) :

  • Roodi is Ruby 1.9 ready now and here's the proof.
  • Metric_fu got a bunch of new features like DCov support, an (almost) new template and various other stuff merged from other fellow githubers. Still under development and not really yet for merging back on the master repo but we will get there soon i hope :) Until then you can check it out here.
  • jQuery autocomplete (from Yehuda Katz and Rein Hanrichs) got some love with a version bump including various fixes and improvements plus a proper example / documentation / test page (thanks Rein for merging these changes back!).
  • After upgrading Redmine at work to trunk r29xx which added support for Rails 2.3.4 some plugins where broken (charts, graphs and schedules) so we had to update them too. You can find these patched versions on my github account but I guess sooner or later the maintainers of the original repos will merge these changes back.
Cheers to everyone and have a nice week :)
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