API management tools

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When you go service oriented, either REST or SOAP or whatever other hybrid, you will need sooner or later a management layer on top of you services including authentication, throttling, documentation, provisioning, caching, etc. Here's a collection of API management tools which cover either the whole spectrum of this functionality or a single piece, both commercial and open source.


Open source

Other resources

Enjoy and feel free to add in the comments any others that you know of!

Ruby & Rails shot

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Ruby libs shot

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Jealous of Java, C#, etc method annotations? Here's a mini gem that gives you the opportunity to do this in Ruby! Watch out :
class ExternalService
  extend MethodDecorators

  def request
Source and info : https://github.com/michaelfairley/method_decorators
Spotted through Extending Ruby with Ruby (with explanation and other cool ideas)


Dynamic code annotations
class X
  extend Anise::Annotative::Attributes

  attr :baz, Integer, :max => 10

X.ann(:baz)  #=> {:class=>Integer, :max=>10}


An "ORM" for REST apis instead of database models
Her::API.setup :base_uri => "https://api.example.com" do |builder|
  builder.use Faraday::Request::UrlEncoded
  builder.use Her::Middleware::DefaultParseJSON
  builder.use Faraday::Adapter::NetHttp
class User
  include Her::Model
# GET https://api.example.com/users and return an array of User objects

# GET https://api.example.com/users/1 and return a User object

@user = User.create(:fullname => "Tobias Fünke")
# POST "https://api.example.com/users" with the data and return a User object

@user = User.new(:fullname => "Tobias Fünke")
@user.occupation = "actor"
# POST https://api.example.com/users with the data and return a User object

@user = User.find(1)
@user.fullname = "Lindsay Fünke"
# PUT https://api.example.com/users/1 with the data and return+update the User object

Redmine 1.4 release imminent

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Redmine 1.4 is just around the block and it comes with some features that go back to 2008 (yes, that's almost 4 years ago). Here are the most notable ones :

Smaller nice additions :
Plus if you are using the LDAP authentication module :
The full changelog is available here.

Even though I'm still thinking about dumping Redmine for the ChiliProject fork which seems to have way faster development cycles it's nice to see Redmine moving forwards after so many years of continuous development. Kudos.

Resque plugins

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(open tabs spring cleaning part 2...)

Unique jobs

Workers management

Jobs management


And finally go to https://github.com/defunkt/resque/wiki/plugins to check them all out (at least the documented ones)

Interesting ruby micro frameworks for APIs

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Just stumbled upon them and found them interesting...